Better Birdseed, More Birds


This is my reward for changing the damp birdseed that was in my birdfeeders, and for replenishing the suet ball holders. Woodpeckers and goldfinches by the score. The seed store lady helped me adjust the seed blends in order to see more finches.

Goldfinch May 2014 at my feeder
Goldfinch May 2014 at my feeder

Now I am getting gangs of goldfinches at the feeders. Only one male per feeder, however. Each male tolerates any number of females, but if another male tries to land while he is there, a skirmish ensues. Lots of drama in the bird world!

Woodpecker May 2014 at my feeder
Woodpecker May 2014 at my feeder


wood violets in bloom
Wood violets in bloom

Another return to the garden this week – the wood violets. So pretty. I am wandering around the yard saying “Hello” to all the emerging flowers – anything rather than finally get down to doing my taxes.

Sparaxis in Bloom!


My Sparaxis is in bloom and looking blue as blue. I love these delicate early season flowers. They are always blooming by Mother’s Day and they remind me that life goes on. One of my neighbours has a huge swatch of lawn covered in sparaxis in bloom and it looks like blue snow. They spread so rapidly that if you didn’t like them, you would call them a weed. But they will be disappear a few weeks from now, as the plant dies down quickly after blooming and the corm lies dormant until the following spring.