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I’m Kristen Gunn, (aka Krissy) and I’m a jolly old bat, and I like to spout off here about everything and anything that catches my eye. I also like to eat, knit, listen to music, read, learn about computer code, and then try to hang on to the memory long enough to do something fun on the site with it. I keep trying to lose weight which generally involves cooking strange and yummy things and results in my testing the food so much I just get fatter. I have a husband and diverse offspring who are always off doing ambitious and interesting things, but I like to stay home and fuss aimlessly about. I also have a dog, who is great company and approves of almost everything I do.

I don’t really like to blog, per se, as I usually have nothing much to say, but I like to try things out, so I use my site for that, and I blog about all the things mentioned above. Also, the site is a central information source for the bookclub I am in. Every now and then my hubby blasts me out of my livingroom and we take a trip and then Kristen Gunn (yea, I wrote out my name for the SEO) sits in the airport as in this photo. In those cases photos of our travels appear on the site. Also I build sites and have a few sites out there, notably my sister’s, and she actually has things she wants to say.